Tune Into the World! Reply

Listening to the radio in English is an excellent way to improve your oral comprehension skills not to mention your cultural awareness. Both Windows and Mac OS X include free media jukebox programs– Windows Media Player and iTunes, respectively–that not only play digital audio files but also can tune into live radio streams from around the world, greatly multiplying your choice of listening options. You can choose from a wide range of radio programs from Talk shows to Music and News programs. All you have to do is click the Media Guide button or link and then click the Internet Radio link. You can then choose from several station musical formats like jazz, rock and Top 40 tunes or search for specific radio stations online. It’s a treasure trove of radio broadcasts!
In iTunes, click the Radio link in the library pane on the left side of the window and then click a genre from the list to see your listening options. If you do not see a Radio link in the iTunes window, choose Preferences under the Edit menu in Windows–or Preferences under the iTunes menu on a Mac–click the General tab and put a check in the box next to Radio.
To find out more about how to use the radio features of Windows go to tinyurl.com/5v3rkxm and for Apple go to tinyurl.com/46cdl8c.

Another option is to download an online radio and TV toolbar at: http://onlineradiobar.com/download/?s=y

Now there’s no excuse not to tune in!  Meet you in the Cyberspace wave lounge!

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