Gee Whiz EcoBusinesses 1

Have you ever felt guilty when you throw away a box or the packaging material which is contained in it? With a lot of us buying things on the internet, we have inevitably encountered the problem of what to do with the leftover shipping material (envelopes, styrofoam, plastic bubble wrap, etc.) which we receive. Watch the following video to find out what some entrepreneurs are thinking up. Before you watch though, check out the vocabulary. Answer the questions as you watch and then, as a follow up, read the article from the Baltimore Sun which explains more about the new ecobusinesses. Let’s think green!  Vocabulary: Green Packaging vocabulary

Questions: Green Packaging Comprehension Questions

Answers: Green Packaging Answers to Comprehension Questions

Article: Hold the Foam–Greener Packaging Along The Way

What is Fair Trade? Have you ever wondered what that term meant? Look at the following video with Anne Lappe, author of Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen who explains what it means. (By the way, the word ‘grub’ is an informal word for ‘food’)

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  1. a very topical subject indeeed, Déborah !
    & ever so useful to take into account, … before it’s too late

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