Steve Jobs Steps Down 6

A day we were all fearing has finally come to pass…Steve Jobs has just announced he’s stepping down as CEO of Apple Computers. Watch the following CBS news report and find synonyms for the following words and expressions as they are used in the news flash: “to step down”; “to found a company”; “CEO”; “started out”; “a trademark”; “an issue”; “to be blown away”, then take the poll to express your own feelings.

Key: Steve Jobs vocabulary


  1. The Greek Gods probably are better defined that the Gods of our time. When you really think about it, it just seems more realistic. You have a God that controls each part of the world compared to just one that oversees them all. What’s really funny is every hundred years or so they make up with another religion. Go figure.

    • Thank you so much for your kind remarks. If you have any suggestions to make my Blog even better, don’t hesitate! If only there were 48 hours in a day…!
      All the best,


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