That senior moment? 3

The baby-boomers have coined another expression. “Senior moment” was named Word of the Year (even though it’s two words) by Webster’s New World College Dictionary a couple of years back (who can remember when, exactly?). But there are other moments which stick out in our lives and the older we get the more we need to distinguish between the different “moments” that we experience and those that we keep forever in the deepest recesses of our minds….(before dementia sets in completely). You have:

  • A senior moment: a lapse of memory so you make up the excuse that you’re getting old…
  • That magic moment: when you fall head over heels in love with someone at first sight……The Drifters-This Magic Moment – 1960
  • A crucial moment: when you have to make a life or death decision that could affect the rest of your life
  • A ponderous moment: when you’re indecisive about what to do next
  • An embarrassing moment: when you’re caught with your pants down…literally
  • A hellish moment: when you’re told you’re going to be fired…
  • A moment of silence: in remembrance of someone who has disappeared
  • An exhilerating moment: when you’re  gliding down a 90 foot wave in Nazare Portugal at 60 mph or descending a roller coast at Magic Mountain
  • A Kodak moment: when you snap a picture of someone you love
  • A precious moment: one which will last you a lifetime
  • A sacred moment: when you get down on your hands and knees and pray for forgiveness
  • A moment in time: when something historical occurs
  • For a brief moment: just in an instant……..

Well…where were we? Oh yeah…back to that senior moment I was telling you about. Here we see a clip from the last Republican Party Primary Debate where Rick Perry, the Governor and candidate from Texas experiences a memory lapse in front of millions of TV viewers…(it could happen to anyone…!):


*LYRICS: “That Magic Moment” by the Drifters (1960)

This magic moment, so different and so new Was like any other until I kissed you And then it happened, it took me by surprise I knew that you felt it too, by the look in your eyes Sweeter than wine Softer than the summer night Everything I want, I have Whenever I hold you tight

This magic moment while your lips are close to mine will last forever, forever till the end of time

Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Mm-mm-mm-mm-mm

Sweeter than wine, Softer than the summer night, Everything I want, I have Whenever I hold you tight

This magic moment while your lips are close to mine Will last forever, forever till the end of time Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh
Magic moment Magic moment Magic moment


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