Glamping or the best in Nature Lodgings Reply

Before the winter blues set in and the campaign is over, I thought I would look around for a week long getaway that would get me outdoors to soak up some sunshine (and some Vitamin D of which I’m lacking…) and just hang loose (relax).  While searching for some ideas for a winter vacation, I ran across an interesting book about a new trend in outdoor vacations…Glamping. It’s actually a new word which is the result of the merging of two words: ‘glamour’ + ‘camping’ = Glamping. So what is “Glamping”? It allows people like me whose real “camping days” are behind her to  be close to nature without the hassles of pitching your own tent, sleeping in an old sleeping bag on the hard ground (oh…my aching bones!), sharing crowded shower facilities (ok…it does have its charm…you get to meet some very nice people while drying your hair…) and dealing with dirt and pesky insects . So I started looking into it and I’m seriously thinking of adopting this new “Yuppie” way of camping. Why not? There are plenty of spots lots of which are located in California my home state. Here are a few from The Best Glamping Spots in America on AOL Travel:

  • The Resort at Paws Up, Greenough, Montana Despite being situated in the frightening wilds of Montana, Paws Upisn’t exactly roughing it. Amenities include luxury ranch cabins, gourmet catered meals, “decadent spa treatments,” flat screen TVs and heated bathroom floors. Sounds like the movie “City Slickers” with Billy Crystal!
  • Sinya on Lone Man Creek, Wimberley, Texas Located in Texas Hill Country outside Austin, Sinyaoffers a “safari-style retreat” in the safety of a modern amenity-strewn cabin with a roof shaped like a tent. The resort advertises such modern conveniences as a kitchenette equipped with refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, induction cook-top, toaster oven and coffee maker as well as a bathroom with a claw-footed tub and towels made of 50% bamboo.
  • Martyn House, Ellijay, Georgia The Martyn House in the Chattahoochee Forest of northern Georgia is home to three “Gypsy Faire Sleeping Tents,” each with covered and heated porches. The resort is in Ellijay, Ga., a town which — in addition to sounding like Ellie May’s long-lost male twin — plays host to the annual Georgia Apple Festival in mid-October; a great time to pay Martyn House a visit.
  • El Capitan Canyon Campground, Santa Barbara, California Outside the Spartan town of Santa Barbara, there is a glamping site called El Capitan Canyon Campground, which bills itself as “minimalist without deprivation.” Available amenities include cedar cabins with willow wood beds and luxurious bedding and linens. So, for those who feel deprived when faced with a dearth of down duvets, El Capitan Canyon is your kind of retreat.
  • Safari West, Santa Rosa, California Safari West allows guests to languish in luxury safari tents and go zebra, giraffe, and cheetah spotting right on their front porch in a 400-acre African wildlife refuge… all without leaving Santa Rosa, California’s wine country! Is that a hyena over there!? No, it’s just little Dakota picking grapes on his hands and knees. Dakota, remember: Mommy likes Riesling!
  • Treebones, Big Sur, California Treebones overlooks the breathtaking Big Sur coastline and offers luxury yurts with queen-size beds, full wooden floors, electric heating, French doors that open onto a redwood deck from which you can gaze out at redwood trees, an outdoor sushi bar, heated pool, and a hot tub. Phew, that was a mouthful of amenities. And, if you squint hard enough, you’ll see the ghost of Jack Kerouac moaning in the surf.
  • Andaluz Rentals, near Carson National Forest, New Mexico Located an hour from scenic Santa Fe, N.M., Andaluz offers a single, large yurt with room enough for four guests. The accommodations make an ideal location for daytime events such as weddings and other gatherings, and the location near Santa Fe and Carson National Forest make Andaluz a great spot for any desert, art, or adobe lover.
  • Canvas Cabin Retreat, Enterprise, Oregon The amenities at Canvas Cabin Retreat include redwood flooring and decks, spacious canvas tents with king-size beds, leather futons, and heated showers. Throw the gorgeous Wallowa Mountains in the background and you’re practically vacationing in an Eddie Bauer ad (custom-designed Ford Explorer not included). While you spin horrifying tales of camping trips without plumbing and cellular service, also try some of our entertaining around the campfire tips.

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