America By The Numbers Reply

As I read all of the analyses of the Presidential election, one observation is found throughout. This election marked the debut of a new cultural revolution which has found its roots in the country’s growing foreign born immigrant population and in a youth culture which is demanding among other things, equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians, liberalizing the sale and use of marijuana, solidifying the social security system in America and the ratification of “Obamacare”, reducing military spending and keeping a federal government as a unifying force. Even though the Republicans obtained 48% of the vote, it is clear that the Democrats better represent  the enormous diversity that exists in the US today. “One way to interpret this involves changing cultural values and demographics. When those things come together, you get these pivot elections, and that’s what this was,” said UCLA political science professor Lynn Vavreck. According to the national exit polls, Latinos gave Obama 70% of their votes, Asian Americans 73% and African Americans more than 90%. Voters younger than 30 went for Obama, 60% to 37%, and unmarried women sided with him by more than 2 to 1. Each of those groups made up a larger share of the electorate in 2012 than in 2008, except for African Americans, whose participation remained unchanged.

The following is a video that talks about “America By The Numbers” and how ethnic diversity has changed the character and culture of America:

As we can see, Barack Obama is forging a reputation as a transformative figure and as someone who symbolizes and embodies the changing face of America. Having successfully bridged the racial divide and giving a name to this new immigrant population thanks to the “dreams of his Kenyan father” to quote the title of his book, Obama has allowed these people to come out of the shadows and for once be recognized. Now we no longer identify the American president as a typical “White Anglo Saxon Protestant” man who grew up in the rural south. But even though Obama was able to win a 2nd term, his strength will be tested when he is forced to negotiate with the House of Representatives which is still dominated by the Republicans who are the last hold-outs of a by-gone era of white conservatism. Obama will have to negotiate with these politicians to start reducing the $16 trillion debt which is hanging over everyone’s heads and to reach a budget compromise which will prevent the middle class from going over the “fiscal cliff”. As most of us know, the economy always seems to have the last word in the States. Obama has until January to pass the first test of his presidency. This task may prove to be more daunting than winning the election…

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