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connecticut school shootingYet another unimaginable news event from America which shook me out of my holiday mood and plunged me into shock. Coming home from school, I discovered the details as they unfolded on the screen of CNN of this terrible tragedy which occurred in a small elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut called Sandy Hook. It was the location of a terrible shooting by a crazed gunman who entered into the building and destroyed 27 lives. It reminded us yet again of the proliferation of guns  in the United States and the agressive use of them. Although it has happened in other countries, it seems that the US is more subject to this kind of wanton violence because of the relatively easy access to guns and the protection that the 2nd Amendment (the right to keep and bear arms) offers to its citizens. The killer was armed with two pistols and a .223-caliber assault rifle:Assault Rifle
President Obama reacted to this tragedy, expressing the thoughts of many of us and to help everyone understand his words I have transcribed them (I also uploaded this video to my YouTube page):

I can only imagine the horror and pain that this town is going through…especially at this particular time of the year…but I and we can only extend our love and healing vibes in the form of thoughts and prayers to all the victims, families, friends and neighbors whether they be near or far. As a teacher myself, I would like to pay tribute to the brave individuals who lost their lives while trying to protect their pupils:

While perusing the internet in preparation of this short posting, I ran into this article written by Jeff Fecke from Care2Causes who wrote this article also in reaction to this terrible shooting: “It’s Never Too Soon to Discuss These 5 Ways to Curb Gun Violence”. Perhaps people in the United States will take heed…especially the National Rifle Association who has always been hesitant to make any significant changes to our gun laws (for a Timeline of recent tragedies go to Care2 )

1. Criminal and Mental Health Background Checks on All Gun Sales

The federal government already mandates background checks on people seeking to buy weapons through licensed dealers. Unfortunately, there’s a loophole the size of Texas in the law. If you buy your weapon from an unlicensed dealer — at a gun show, over Craigslist, from some shady character on a street corner — you don’t have to go through a background check.

Since about 40 percent of guns are sold by private sellers, this means that a huge percentage of weapons sold are moving around legally with no background check required. Don’t want a felon to get a weapon, or someone with a history of violence and mental illness? Tough. Right now, all it takes for them to get their hands on a weapon is to go to a gun show.

Needless to say, this pretty much obliterates the effectiveness of a background check requirement. If you can’t pass a background check, you just have to find someone on the internet selling what you want. This also makes it easy for people to make a living as resellers — buying guns legally, then selling them to people who would fail a background check.

Requiring a background check on all gun sales would make it much harder for criminals to get their hands on guns, which seems like an obviously good thing — and the reason we need to talk about this.

2. Reducing the Size of Magazines on Weapons

Jared Loughner, who shot at dozens people including Gabby Giffords, had access to extended gun magazines, which let him fire 31 shots in just 15 seconds. Loughner was stopped when he ran out of ammo and tried to change magazines, giving bystanders the chance to subdue him; had he run out of ammo sooner, he would have been stopped sooner.

High-capacity magazines are important if you’re trying to kill a bunch of people quickly. They’re very useful for soldiers. For your average gun-owner, though, they’re simply unnecessary. If you’re using a handgun for self-defense, the guy you’re aiming at is going to be no more dissuaded if you can shoot him 30 times than he would be if you could shoot him six.

Reducing the size of magazines, especially on handguns, would make guns less useful for spree shooters. It may not prevent every gun death, but it would limit the damage one lone evil-doer could do.

3. Microstamping

Someone is shot and killed, and police have the bullet, but the perpetrator is long-gone. Fortunately, that bullet has a record of the gun that fired it engraved upon it. All police have to do is check a database, and then they can find the last registered gun-owner and start tracing the weapon.

Science fiction? No, it’s microstamping, and the technology to make it happen exists already. Essentially, the process uses a laser to etch a specific design on a gun’s firing pin. The designs are registered and unique to each gun; whenever the gun is fired, it then leaves a unique identifier on each bullet.

This is no problem for gun owners who aren’t shooting and killing people, or even gun owners who use their weapons in legitimate self-defense. Law-breakers, though, can be tracked down, making it harder to get away with murder. It might make someone think twice before drawing their weapon.

4. Reinstating the Assault Weapons Ban

There was a time when some of the worst weapons on the street today were illegal. Weapons designed to kill people were outlawed by federal law; the big magazines that Loughner used were banned. The Assault Weapons Ban was passed in 1994, and for 10 years, it made it harder to buy a gun that could take out a small army.

Alas, the bill was written with a sunset clause, and in 2004, when the ban expired, Republicans chose not to reinstate it. This allowed Americans the chance to buy AK-47s and Uzis once more.

Obviously, the Assault Weapons Ban doesn’t end all gun violence, but it makes it a little harder to commit mass murder.

5. Requiring Gun Owners to Be Licensed

Gun proponents often compare guns to cars, noting that cars kill lots of people, and they’re still legal, so why not guns? Leaving aside the obvious fact that cars aren’t designed to kill people, there’s something to this argument. It’s just not what gun proponents think it is.

As anyone who has driven knows, in order to legally get behind the wheel of a car — a machine that, if used carelessly, can be deadly — you have to secure a license showing you’re competent to drive. This license can be suspended or revoked if you violate the law, effectively removing your privileges to legally drive.

Why not a license for gun owners, demonstrating that they are indeed responsible, sober people who are aware of the danger presented by firearms? The license could cover different classes of weapons, and would demonstrate that a gun owner was educated enough, say, not to keep his gun under his pillow where his four-year-old could get to it.

Requiring a license to own a gun would make it harder for criminals to own weapons, and easier to get guns out of the hands of criminals. And just like gun owners say, it’s just like what we do with cars. It’s a simple and obvious way to mitigate gun violence….


Well…maybe this could be a wish for 2013…To finally see some progress in cutting down on gun violence in the US and in the world?


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