Let this not define us Reply

Emilie_Parker_conn__shooting_victim_1355614648673_340740_ver1_0_320_240Many people around the world have been touched by the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. Robert Parker, who lost his daughter Emilie at the Sandy Hook Elementary school, gave a speech last night in order to pay tribute to his daughter and to draw attention to the compassion that he has been shown by people all around the world. I would like to share this speech with you which is shining star of hope, courage and forgiveness for not only the American people whose hearts are bleeding but also for people who have been shocked by this tragedy (don’t forget to click on the closed caption icon to see the subtitles):

And the NBC Saturday Night Live TV show helped people deal with the national grief by avoiding any overt mention of the tragedy and instead chose to honor  the fallen by singing a beautiful rendition of “Silent Night” performed by the New York City Children’s Chorus including the refrain “Sleep in Heavenly Peace.”

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