Getting into the holiday mood…Twas The Night Reply

coca-cola-santa-and-performing-dogGetting into the holiday mood and making the transition between work and holidays is always a little difficult at this time of the year…especially due to the recent news event in the United States which have cast a pall on the holiday spirit. Despite the feelings of morosity and doom (anyone want to bet on the fiscal cliff?), I owe it to my family…and maybe to myself…and why not to the world…to go through the different rituals and traditions to make these days memorable. lg_santa_sixtythreeI’m sure once I start, my mind will catch up and I’ll get into a joyous mode which I hope I will be able to communicate to others around me.


One poem I always like to hear is “A Visit from St. Nicholas” or “Twas The Night Before Christmas”as it is sometimes known because of the first line of the verse. It was written by Clement Clarke Moore in 1823 and published anonymously. blogSpanThis poem is probably at the origin of many of our ideas about the myth of Santa Claus which have endured up to today including Coca Cola’s classic Santa Claus or the department store Santa that we all like to immortalize in a picture with our children .

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