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Bill Dodds“Labor Day is a glorious holiday because your child will be going back to school the next day.  It would have been called Independence Day, but that name was already taken.”  ~Bill Dodds, acclaimed children’s poet and novelist who tries to insert humor in all of his works.

SachaGuitrySacha Guitry a French actor, playwright and satirical humorist said about the “back to school day” called “La Rentrée” in France : « Ecoles : établissements où l’on apprend à des enfants ce qu’il leur est indispensable de savoir pour devenir des professeurs.  »

Labor Day marks the end of summer vacation and there is a freshness and a newness in the air as students head back to school. A new school year marks the beginning of hope and renewal for many students and parents and teachers alike.  Even though many are still trying to catch the final breaths of summer, most everyone is gearing  up for a new educational experience. Changes can be felt across the nation as budgets have squeezed the way schools are run and the kaleidoscope of faces has become more complex. Below are random pictures taken at schools across America to illustrate the subtle changes which are taking place:



elementary school student

first gradegreeting a 6th graderfirst day elementary school 6th gradersMIDDLE SCHOOL

staff greeting students

The agenda for the day

Middle school searching for a classroom

middle school teacherhanding out pencils

HIGH SCHOOLfreshman orientation

Cheerleading squadStudents greeting each other during orientationLearning centerafter school projects


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