Shop Till Your Mouse Breaks! Reply


Mark Twain

“There are two times in a man’s life when he should not speculate: when he can’t afford it, and when he can.” Mark Twain

maurice denuziere

Maurice Denuziere,
French Author and Journalist
Le Monde and France Soir

L’important, en période de soldes, c’est acheter. On ne choisit pas la marchandise, on choisit le prix sans toujours faire les comparaisons, desquelles il ressort souvent que le bon marché coûte cher !.

Et pourtant elle tourne...:Chroniques  de Maurice Denuzière

On your mark…get set…go! till your mouse breaks


A Scene from Walmart which
some people are dubbing

Looks like Cyber Monday has beaten Black Friday! More and more consumers (55% vs. 39% in 2012) are saying that they prefer to take advantage of the “virtual sales” than fight the crowds (literally…!)on Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving!As you know if you’ve kept up with my Blog, Black Friday is the kick off of the Christmas Shopping season when retailers pass from the “red” (deficits) to “black” (surplus). In the US  it is the day after Thanksgiving which most non-retail employees have free. This of course increases the number of shoppers in the stores and this explains why Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day of the year for the past decade.

According to sources the name originated in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where it describes the heavy, dense traffic occurring after Thanksgiving. People use this day to get out and digest their Thanksgiving dinner…And what better pastime than shopping and admiring the Christmas decorations! To draw even more people in, stores traditionally offer big discounts and sales that day which just adds to the chaos. Many discount chains in the US such as Target, Kohls, Best Buy and especially Walmart take advantage of Thanksgiving and “Black Friday” to open their doors late Thanksgiving day (between 6 pm and midnight) or very early the day after Thanksgiving…sometimes as early as 4 am in the morning! Now that’s serious shopping! People can shop until they drop! But to avoid scenes like in this picture, more and more people are preferring to shop online.

The National Retail Federation estimates that sales in November and December will increase 3.9% this year to $602 billion, only a slight bump up from last year’s actual 3.5% increase. Retailers typically have at least 20% of their sales during the holiday season and American Express Corporation are expecting more people to shop online this Cyber Monday than visit Brick and Mortar stores on Black Friday which is bad news for stores who don’t have a strong online presence. So…click away with your mice! (Just make sure you don’t overspend!)

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