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I was heading back to my condo in La Jolla the other day loaded with groceries from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods when I saw a bus pass by with the slogan “Stay in the Game” printed on its side. The San Diego MTS bus has been using the outside of its buses and trolleys to advertise companies and products but this particular billboard caught my attention.MTS-bus “Stay in the Game”? What exactly did it mean? officials against prostate cancerWas this a sign? Having just lost my mother after a long illness, I had been searching for a message from the hereafter indicating to me that we were going to be ok…my mother and me. Was she telling me to not give up? To stay in the game? That my mission was not yet finished as hers was and that I had to get back into the game of life and to be the best that I could? That’s what she always used to tell me. My mother had always ‘stayed in the game’ and was active until the end of her life teaching others the skills she had learned throughout her life…sewing, cooking, dog care,  organic farming and how to take care of one’s body. If she could do then I surely could…don't quite stay in the game to be light yearsStay_in_the_game_with_the_Space_Station_medium

Well…when the bus stopped at the corner to pick up some passengers, I noticed upon closer examination that this slogan was being used to advertise health insurance. Oh of course! The  Affordable Health Care Act was now a reality.Of course the game could be ‘life’ in general, one’s career, relationships or a competitive sport.Any way you looked at it though it essentially boiled down to this: Don’t Quit.don't quit


Life is full of adversity and hurdles to jump over. Hopefully we land on our feet but if we don’t, we just pick ourselves up and keep running. Death is more than a hurdle though, it’s a life changer and perhaps the hardest to overcome. Nevertheless we have no choice. We either end it all now and go for the long haul and that’s what I decided then and there. See you at the finish line!


back in the game

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