WE ARE CHARLIE: The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword Reply

Stephane Charbonnier editorial director of Charlie Hebdo

(Fred Dufour/Courtesy Agence France-Presse)

black ribbon

I am Charlie

I Am Charlie…

We are so sad and all of us here in California send our heartfelt condolences to the families of those who suffered this great loss, to the nation of France who witnessed the disappearance of 10 of the greatest and most talented journalists in the country and to the world who has seen its freedom of expression jeopardized because of the barbarous acts of a few individuals.


From NoirCon.org

As this attack on our liberty went viral, on the ground here in the US it has sparked many spontaneous demonstrations of solidarity:

San Francisco I Am Charlie AP Photo Marcio Jose Sanchez


SAN FRANCISCO: Hundreds of people gathered outside the French Consulate holding up tiny French flags and brandishing signs which read “I am Charlie”. Others lit candles and placed them on the sidewalk spelling out “Je Suis Charlie” next to people who were placing pens, pencils and bouquets of white carnations and red roses in front of the Consulate’s door.

SAN DIEGO: People embraced and offered their condolences to all those who have connections in France…

LOS ANGELES: Spontaneous groups held vigils holding up signs and cell phones that read “Je suis Charlie” and “I am Charlie”…

Elsewhere in the US:

SEATTLE: More than 100 people stood silent outside the French Consulate holding up signs of support for the victims…

MANHATTAN: Almost a thousand people stood on Union Square chanting “We Are Not Afraid!!!” and holding signs saying “We Are Charlie!”…

WASHINGTON: The News Museum “Newseum” put together a display on its atrium screen as a show of support for free expression ” “#JeSuisCharlie”…

There are no words for the pain that we are feeling….

We are all Charlie…let this event make us more determined than ever to preserve our freedoms and to protect those who have none.


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