California Radio Stations Reply


Listening to the radio is a valuable tool to improving your listening comprehension and learn more about American culture. The following are some of my favorite online radio stations which you can listen to while working and surfing the web or doing other activities at home or in the office.

Listening to the news and talk shows keeps you up to date with what’s happening in the world seen from an American perspective. It also allows you to participate in a conversation and show your interest in the ‘world’ community. Listening to music is important because it allows you to tune in to culture, people, places, and events that in a way that words can’t do on their own. Music is expression from the ‘soul’ and singing along can help you immensely with your pronunciation and intonation in addition to building up your vocabulary. Plus it’s just sheer pleasure! So click on the icons, put on your headphones and let’s go!

This is one of my favorite online radios KPBS San Diego (part of public broadcasting system):








Here’s one of my favorite talk show radios, part of National Public Radio, from San Francisco (click on ‘On The Air Now’ Windows):







Listen to 98.1 if you just want some easy country, folk and pop music.

Easy 98.1

Easy 98.1













And why not some country music?


Easy Country Music

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