Kids’ Korner 12

Check out the following sites for kids (young and old!). There is something for everyone and if you’re an adult with children or “DITCHED” (Double Income Two Children and Expanding Debts….) and not a “DINKY” (Double Income No Kids Yet), then this is for you! So start digging in the sand and build a sandcastle with your children with the following sites (click on the images)!

Free RiceThe Free Rice Project: Go to this site to expand your vocabulary and donate rice to the hungry!






Encyclopedia Britannica Logo

: Go here for interactive quizzes that will test your brain!


Best Kids Sites:  Visit this site for a categorized list of websites for children

Space Facts for Young and Old

Space Facts for Young and Old




NASA’s Space Place is a great place to learn more about space and our planet earth! Do the many quizzes on the ‘Explore’ page to test your knowledge!


Dr. Seuss’s Site: Go here to meet Dr. Seuss, the storybook character invented by the beloved Theodore Seuss Geisel (1904 – 1991), an American writer from La Jolla, California (my hometown!) who was a poet, and cartoonist and most famous for his children’s stories. His most famous book was “The Cat In The Hat” written in trisyllabic meter.

The Muppet World: This Disney site is loaded with games, songs, and video for young and old alike.



Public Broadcasting System Children’s Site: Go here for Games, jokes, and interactive stories, plus web sites for all of your favorite TV characters. A very rich site which is sure to please!



Alice Logo



Alice is the name of  “The Artificial Intelligence Foundation”: you can use their software to create your own cyberbot Animated Squirrel. Click on the Squirrel on the right to make your own animation:



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