Listen to Minoo explaining how we form questions and then learn the different types of interrogative forms and what kind of information they refer to:

Knowing how to ask a question is an essential part of communication. If you do not know how to ask questions, you are unable to participate in a conversation and you sound unnatural.  Below is a list of question words which are used in English to get specific  information. Learn them as quickly as possible and use them in your speaking activities.

WHEN When did they arrive?When were you born? Yesterday.On Feb. 12, 1984. When is used to ask questions about time and dates.
WHERE Where are my car keys?Where can I buy a CD? In the desk drawer.At Fry’s Electronics Store. Where is used to ask questions about place.
WHY Why did you leave early?Why aren’t you listening? Because I had to.Because I’m tired. Why is used to ask questions about reason.
HOW How does this work?How do you feel? By plugging it in.Good. How generally asks about manner and health.
HOW MUCH/MANY How much money does it cost?How many DVDs do you have? 25 dollars.100 so far. How much/many are used for amount and quantity.
HOW OLD/COLD/SOON/FAST/ How old are you?How cold does it get?How soon can you come?

How fast were you driving?


30.It can get down to freezing.In 25 minutes.

65 miles per hour.

How is also used with adjectives and adverbs to detail descriptions
HOW LONG How long did you stay? 2 weeks How long asks about length of time
HOW OFTEN How often do you go out? Every weekend. How often refers to frequency
HOW FAR How far is it to San Francisco? 500 miles from here How far refers to distance
WHO Who answered the phone?Who came to the party? John didSally, Peter, and Veronica Who replaces the subject of a question and refers to people
WHO (+ Singular Verb) Who is joining us for dinner?Who wants to come? Peter, Paul and MaryWe do. Who is usually followed by a singular verb even if the speaker is asking about more than one person
WHOM To whom should I speak?The question was addressed to whom? To the directorTo the general audience Who is used as the object of a verb or preposition. It is only used in formal English.
WHOSE Whose stuff is this?Whose books and papers are these? It’s mine.They’re ours. Whose asks questions about possession and is usually followed by one or more objects.
WHAT What made you sneeze?What happened?What was the lecture about? The pepperThere was an accident.About molecular biology What is used as the subject of a question when we refer to things, innate objects, subjects or events.
WHAT KIND OR WHAT + NOUN What kind of music do you like?What kind of paper did you buy?What countries have you visited? Jazz and RockPhoto paperSpain, Portugal and Italy What kind of asks about the particular variety or type of something and What + Noun refers to individual facts.
WHAT…LIKE? What is your teacher like?What is the weather like there? She’s really nice.It’s really sunny and warm. What…like asks for a general description of qualities
WHAT…LOOK LIKE/SOUND LIKE/TASTE   LIKE/FEEL LIKE/SMELL  LIKE? What does he look like?What does your house look like?What did it feel like? He’s tall and wears glasses.It’s an old stone house.It was painful. What…look like asks for a physical, sensory or emotional      description.
WHICH (+ OBJECT) Which one do you prefer?Which software should I use?Which class are you in? I prefer the red one.Adobe creative suiteI’m a sophomore. Which is used instead of what when a question concerns choosing from a definite, known quatity or group.

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