* Why it’s important to improve your language skills Reply


Watch this commercial for Berlitz school of languages. It really demonstrates what the potentially disastrous results are when you do not have strong language skills.

This ad has gone viral and has been seen my millions of Internet users probably proving that it strikes a note with many people who are trying to learn a foreign language. Just a recap though just in case you didn’t catch the humor:

The ad opens with an experienced German Coast Guard officer showing a much younger recruit around a small room with radar and other monitoring equipment. Then the older officer leaves the young recruit in charge. Suddenly the young man hears his first distress call come over the radio.

“Mayday, mayday!” pleads an unidentified voice in English. “Hello, can you hear us? Can you hear us? Can you (static interruption). Over… We are sinking! We are sink…”

“Hello,” responds the nervous young Coast Guard recruit in a thick German accent. “Zis is da German Coast Guard.”

“We are sinking!” cries the voice. “We’re sinking!”

“What,” stammers the young recruit, “are you ‘thinking’ about?” (the young man cannot pronounce the /th/ sound so he says “sinking”)

The ad then cuts instantly to a triumphant German tune and a screen that reads, “Improve your English,” followed by the Berlitz logo.

Here’s another one:

Watch out for your pronunciation!

Can you understand the words?

And here are some funny ads (I hope you will be convinced to learn a foreign language after this!):


Language School Ad4

Language School Ad

Language School Ad2

Language School Ad3

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