Here is a list of internet sites that I have compiled which I think you will find interesting. They are arranged by category for easy reference. I am constantly updating and adding new ones so check back with me frequently!

Helping you to continue to make progress in English is one of my goals. I know that you’re on your way to becoming fluent in listening, speaking and reading. But doing it on your own is not so easy. Digital technology now gives everyone the opportunity to continue working on their English by themselves while also bringing the English-speaking world into your home or office. So if you have a computer, a pair of speakers, and a DSL connection, you have the world at your fingertips! I especially believe you should keep working on your oral comprehension—a skill which takes time to acquire.

Make sure you read “8 tips to achieve oral fluency”. Learning a language is a lifelong venture therefore I encourage you to use digital technology to reach your goal of linguistic independence. Think of all the doors it will open (professionally and in your personal life!). You will never regret it!


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