Advice Sites 6

¨ Dave’s ESL Help Center:

¨ Antimoon.Com:

They give advice about how to learn English effectively.

¨ UltraLingua:

Online Grammar Explanations

¨ OWL Purdue’s Help for ESL Students:

Excellent site for getting help writing letters, reports, and essays. They have numerous handouts that you can download or print.

¨ The Internet Grammar of English:

This is another excellent site from the University College of London where you can find help with grammar questions.

¨ Online English Grammar:



  1. Hello Deborah – best wishes from another Deborah!

    People might find my blog useful; it’s all about the English language and readers can ask questions about any aspect of grammar or punctuation that may be puzzling them. I’m certainly going to check out some of the sites you’ve listed here. Thanks, Deborah

    • Best wishes to you also! Thank you so much for dropping in Deborah. I’m going to add your Blog address to one of my pages so that my students can check it out. I think it’s very complimentary to what I have been attempting to do. As you very well know, a Blog is an ongoing project and needs to be “fed” quite frequently so that people can find something new everytime they visit it. This being said…let’s try and keep in touch so that we can inspire each other! May our Blogs continue to thrive and attract visitors!!

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