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Do it yourself (DIY) is building, modifying, or repairing something without the aid of experts or professionals. The phrase “do it yourself” came into common usage in the 1950s in reference to home improvement projects that people might choose to complete independently.

In recent years, the term DIY has taken on a broader meaning that covers a wide range of skill sets. DIY is associated with the international alternative rock, punk rock, and indie rock music scenes; indymedia networks, pirate radio stations, and the zine community. In this context, DIY is related to the Arts and Crafts movement, in that it offers an alternative to modern consumer culture’s emphasis on relying on others to satisfy needs. The abbreviation DIY is also widely used in the military as a way to teach commanders (hence how from this YouTube videoclip) or other types of units to take responsibility, so that they’d be able to do things themselves just as a preparation for their own future. (from Wikipedia)

Check out this site if you want to learn how to install a “laundry chute” in your home or if you would like to know organize your garage. Anything and everything is on this site for those (men and women!) who like “Do It Yourself” jobs.

Learn how to do (almost) anything at HowToDoThings! Explore instructive how-to articles and videos – make things, solve problems, be happy!

50 Things Everyone should know how to do from ‘building a fire’ to ‘giving CPR’ (CardioPulmonary Ressucitation)…everything you’ve always wanted to know how to do…but never learned! Don’t wait! Become self-reliant so that you won’t have to depend on others!

  Can’t seem to push yourself to get things done? Go to 60 Empowering Quotes to get motivated. Remember…finishing last is better than never having started!!

If you want easy instructions, go to VOA’s How-to site for learning how to do everything from “growing roses” to “raising sheep”…!

   HowStuffWorks explains thousands of topics, from engines to lock-picking to ESP, with video and illustrations so   you can learn how everything works. Some examples:

Science: This section has explanations and colorful

Computers: Go here if you want  explanations, reviews, opinions

Electronics: This sectionsgives you explanations, reviews

A car engine: Go here if you would like to understand how one of the most fascinating machines work!

Discovery Channel US or Canada is a fabulous site for discovering the world again and understanding the changes that are taking place…see you there!

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