This is a page devoted to understanding how we use the following words which are commonly confused even by native speakers. You can also check out the links at the bottom of the page for more confusing word groups and links:

  • affect/effect
  • fewer/less
  • imply/infer
  • it’s/its
  • lie/lay
  • than/then
  • that/which
  • their/they’re/there
  • who/whom
  • your/you’re

Watch the following video lesson to learn how we use these sets of words:

Another lesson where you must complete the sentence:

For more confusing words, go to Confusing Words.com where you will find over 2000 terms which are badly used

or the Oxford Dictionary site which also explains how some words are misused: Oxford Dictionary’s Commonly Confused Words

More Sites:

Writers’ Web

Sentence Menu

Fun With Words

Confusing Words and Homonyms

Confusing Words Website

Study Page by by V. Bell, J. Cheney, P. J. King & M. P. Moore

InfoPlease: Confusing Words

Quizzes (click on links):

Quick Online test

BBC Crossword Puzzle Quizzes: Crossword 1  Crossword 2

BBC Homophones Quiz Game: Game 1

Commonly Confused Words at Towson.edu (scroll down to section)

EnglischHilfen (German site): Confusing Words Exercise

Longman Vocabulary Site: Exercise 1

Oxford Exercises: Commonly confused words

Long Vocabulary Site: Exercise 2

Long Vocabulary Site: Exercise 3

Long Vocabulary Site: Exercise 4

Long Vocabulary Site: Exercise 5

Long Vocabulary Site: Exercise 6

Long Vocabulary Site: Exercise 7

Long Vocabulary Site: Exercise 8

Long Vocabulary Site: Exercise 9

Long Vocabulary Site: Exercise 10

About.com Quiz 1

About.com Advanced Quiz

Confusing Words: PDF: ConfusingWordsExerciseConfusingWordsExercise2


PDF: commonlyconfusedwords

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